Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ghosts of Elections Past

In 2001, Saxby Chambliss, a member of the Georgia House of Representatives ran for senate against the incumbent, Democrat Max Cleland. Senator Cleland fought in Vietnam, leaving as a decorated war veg and triple amputee. In a campaign that even Lee Atwater would have renounced as below the belt and vicious, Chambliss attacked Cleland as unpatriotic and anti-American. Chambliss, who said his "bad knee" kept him out of the Vietnam War, was well schooled in the Rovian art of politics. He managed to come back from a 22-point deficit to win that election by questioning Cleland's commitment to national security through TV ads flashing photos of Cleland alongside those of Saddam Hussein & Osama bin Laden.

Among those who publically denounced Chambliss' ad campaign was another deocrated and wounded Vietnam vet, John McCain. "I'd never seen anything like that ad [it is] worse than disgraceful, it's reprehensible.”

Flash forward to 2008, when the senate race between Chambliss and Democrat Jim Martin was so close that a runoff election is being held on Tuesday. Lo and behold John McCain has headed down south to support Chambliss in his hour of need. I guess all is forgiven. Chambliss has also received in-person support from the GOP's latest Barbie-doll, Sarah Palin.

Let's hope the good citizens of Georgia recognize Chambliss for the cowardly opportunist he is and throw the bum out.


Blogger Jason Boskey said...

I'll be voting. I'm sure you can guess who I'll be voting for.

But I don't think it will matter. People down here for the most part feel that Democrats represent evil.

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Kvatch said...

No such luck.

5:18 PM  
Blogger buckarooskidoo said...

I wish the Senate had censured him the minute he took office and kicked his sorry a-- out of there. it was an outrageous affront to decency everywhere that he was able to take office after destroying a decorated Vietnam vet like Max Cleland. It speaks volumes about the people of Georgia that they found this conduct acceptable.

12:34 PM  

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