Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We could get used to this, quite happily

One of the most acute observers of the United States plies his trade at the Guardian newspaper in London. His name is Jonathan Freedland, and his latest column highlights one of the best and most heartening aspects of the incoming administration: this is a group that prides itself on having the smartest guys in the room around them all the time. He writes in today's paper,

"First, we know the new administration will break from the old by valuing expertise and experience - quite a contrast after eight years of cronyism. Remember, Bush named as his point man for national emergencies one Michael Brown, fresh from his post as the judges and stewards commissioner for the International Arabian Horses Association. Obama's early nominees, by contrast, each boast resum├ęs either packed with long years of relevant service or luminous with academic prizes - or both. After John McCain threatened the world with a putative vice-president who seemed to regard her own ignorance as a credential for high office, and after he granted Joe the Plumber the status of chief adviser on taxation policy, it's a relief that the US will soon be run by people with qualifications to do the job."

Competence and expertise wanted, indeed, ACTIVELY SOUGHT in the White House--what a concept!


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