Saturday, November 01, 2008

Got civics? It's not obvious...

I think I am going to write Barack and suggest that one of his first initiatives--IF he wins Tuesday-- should be instituting the mandatory teaching of civics in elementary, middle and high schools of this country. If everyone, including and especially candidates for Vice President of the United States, were required to take and pass courses on the basics of the American political system, we would all presumably be spared the following rants:

Obama(or substitute any Democratic politician)is going to confiscate your guns. All by himself? Ever hear of Congress, or separation of powers, or even the old warhorse Second Amendment?

Obama(or substitute any Dem pol)is going to "rewrite the Constitution." Ever hear of Congress and the steps required even to AMEND it ever so slightly?

Obama(or substitute any Dem pol) is going to take people's wealth and redistribute it. All by himself? Ever hear of Congress? Have they ever just rolled over and surrendered on something like that?

Obama(substitute any African-American pol) is going to spring all Af-Am men from federal prison. Ever hear of Congress, or(a real stretch) the Department of Justice?

The Vice President has "flexibility" in what he/she can do and is "in charge" of the Senate, getting down in there with the legislators and making legislation happen. Ever read the Constitution of the United States, Sarah Palin?!!

Some of the people who repeat these phrases are just doing it to spread disinformation, but most people you see on TV are genuinely worried, even fearful that Obama will be able to take all these unilateral steps. The latter would be immunized against viral rumors AND better able to rest easy about their future if they had some knowledge about how ponderous and slow-moving the American governmental apparatus actually IS...


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