Sunday, December 14, 2008

Now it Gets Interesting

After a weekend of hints that Blagojevich was going to resign in the next day or so, a spokesman has apparently said that there is "zero chance" that such a resignation is imminent. Blagojevich met yesterday for four hours with one of Chicago's most noted defense lawyers, Ed Genson.

I know what you're asking yourself - why would Blagojevich need to hunt for a lawyer? Surely this man of all men has a law firm already on retainer. Well yes and no. Apparently the Gov. owes his regular law firm (Winston & Strawn) about $750,000 for various fees. Winston & Strawn, by the way, is the firm that defended former Ill. governor George Ryan into a corruption conviction in 2006.

So is Blagojevich looking to go down fighting? Only Rod knows, and I have to say, part of me wishes he would - in a world of such depressing economic and world crisis news, couldn't we all use the fun of watching what would promise to be quite the entertaining trial?


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