Saturday, January 24, 2009

More from Dick(thankfully, Cavett)

The inimitable Dick Cavett was watching the Inaugural along with the rest of the world on Tuesday and wrote down his impressions for today's New York Times. He's such a treat, I thought I should share some of his thoughts with anyone who didn't see the article.

On 43's exit...

I felt bad when George Bush was booed.

But only briefly. My sympathy for that man has a half-life of about four seconds.

There was a surprising number of outpourings of sympathy for his having to sit there and, as it was too-often described, “take it on the chin.” Was there ever a chin more deserving of taking it?

“You have to feel sorry for him,” someone cooed. “No. You do not!” I shouted at the screen. I know he “tried” and he “did what he thought was right.” But so does the incompetent surgeon.

What does that excuse?

His brief discomfort 'sitting there' can’t have been less endurable than the discomfort of the young soldier describing on the news how he watched helplessly as his gut-shot buddy bled to death on the sands the smirking Texan sent him to."

And regarding the departure of that other Dick...

" a hearty sayonara to that other fellow.

Do freshman philosophy classes nowadays debate updated versions of the age-old questions? Like, how could a merciful God allow AIDS, childhood cancers, tsunamis and Dick Cheney?"

That last one is a great question, isn't it?

Dick Cavett is a national treasure--three cheers!


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