Sunday, June 21, 2009

Words from Mousavi

Even as we watch & cheer the revolts in Iran, I remind people that Mousavi isn't exactly Ghandi. He was a member of the government, supporter & proponent of the Islam revolution in Iran and isn't exactly Mr. Peace & Good Will. That said, here is some of Mousavi's latest word (from Tehran Bureau) on recent events (only a piece, the post is quite long, so feel free to click over to TBureau to get the rest).
A turning point in the history of our nation is emerging these days and nights. People are asking themselves and, in their rallies, me about what should be done [about the present situation], and which direction should be taken [to continue the protests]. I consider it my duty to explain to you what I think, and to tell you and be taught by you, so that we will not forget our historic mission, and take the responsibility for the future and fate of many [future] generation and eras. . . . We are not up against the Basij [the paramilitary group controlled by the government], they are our brothers. We are not up against the Sepaah [the Revolutionary Guards], they protect our revolution and our political system. We are not up against the army, the army protects the security of our borders. We are not up against our holy political system and its legal structure, it protects our freedom, independence and the Islamic Revolution. We are up against lies and deviations [from our revolutionary principles], and we wish to reform it [the system] by returning to the pure principles of the Islamic Revolution.


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