Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cheney, Pelosi, and Notre Dame, Oh My

Things have been lively since my last post. The big Dick has been everywhere on TV (he didn't get this much exposure in the 2004 election!) spouting his warnings that we're all going to die, Die, DIE!!! because the new administration isn't continuing to torture folks. And for all of his bragging that those "enhanced" interrogation techniques have kept us safe since 2001, I am waiting to hear from him how those same techniques were also used to give the administration their justification to invade Iraq and link Hussein with al-Qaida. Maybe in the next interview.

And Pelosi has come out swinging against the CIA with the "I didn't know what I knew when I knew it" excuse. Man up Pelosi and give it to the folks straight. Is there anyone out there who really thinks she didn't know? Just what we don't need right now.

And then, of course, there is the stupid story to end stupid stories. The horror of a U.S. President being asked to speak at a college commencement. For years now students have bucked up and sat through Bush administration blowhards in commencement speeches. (OK, we'll give kudos to the ones who stood up & turned their backs on him, or walked out, but that never really made the news much). Certainly not like this. And we'll put aside the fact that commencement is about the students and their work/achievements. Because that has long ago been lost in the race to find the biggest name to bloviate from the podium to a crowd of hung-over and sleep deprived twenty-somethings. So now South Bend is ground zero for a few hundred lifers and Fox News commentators with their aborted fetus posters.

Yup, interesting times.


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