Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bonus Pendulum

Hear that? It's the sound of the bonus pendulum swinging back. Well not all the way back, more of a slight, almost imperceptible twitch. Now that Americans are in full froth storm the castle mode, a few voices are urging acceptance. "Sure it stings," they say, "but it's the price we have to pay to fix this." And then there is always the side show in the US Congress as member after member runs for as many cameras as he or she can find to remind their constituents that "I didn't vote for the bail out. Or if I did, it was only after voting against it once. Or if I voted for it twice, I complained loudly about the bonus packages that were in it. Or if you happen to have footage of me complaining that messing with people's bonuses was un-American, well that was just an error and it's the other party's fault in the long run."

After all, isn't the game of proclaiming innocence and ignorace, followed by point the finger, always more fun than actually trying to work together to find solutions. Which brings us back to the pendulum. Should we bother being angry about the bonuses? Or just smile, take it and move on in the hopes that all will be well in the end?

I'd actually like to vote for smile, take it and move on. (OK, perhaps forget the smile part.) But that requires us to put our trust in the systems and people who are part of the problem to begin with. The real culprits have taken their bonus money and moved on months ago we're told. And the ones who are left are just trying their best to straighten this all out.

I'll even give them that the folks left are trying to straighten it out. But let's be honest. They don't really seem to know what they're doing. Not how they got into the mess, and certianly not how to get out of it. So if they leave and new people have to come in to do the work - are we losing anything? I doubt it. So in the end, I'm ok with keeping my pitchfork & using it to take back some of that bonus money. Because with it or without it to reward or keep folks in AIG & all the other financial towers of doom, there don't seem to be many people around who know how to fix the problems.


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