Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dueling dips

We interrupt this blog for a bulletin from the temporarily unfriendly skies:

Самолет вернулся в Каир из-за драки российских дипломатов
Два российских дипломата подрались в самолете, выполнявшем рейс №791 Каир (Египет) – Сана (Йемен), сообщил портал
Как сообщил старший бортпроводник, сначала дипломаты начали ожесточенно спорить, а когда остальные пассажиры попытались их успокоить, началась драка.
Из-за того, что в столкновении один из россиян серьезно пострадал, пилот самолета принял решение вернуться в аэропорт Каира спустя полчаса после взлета.

If your Russian language isn't up to snuff, the English of the site's report is as follows:

"Plane returns to Cairo after diplomat fisticuffs"

Two Russian diplomats came to blows on flight 791 from Cairo, Yemen's reports.

The chief steward reported that the fight began with a heated argument, and when passengers tried to calm the two men, they began pummeling one another.

Because one of the men was badly injured in the fight, the pilot decided to return to Cairo airport about a half hour after takeoff."

It's been a little difficult on the blogging front, because I generally applaud the performance of our new President, my man Barack O'Bama, and because i am still trying to figure out why anyone would buy a toxic mortgage since by definition they are worthless. That doesn't exactly make my opinion on financial crises golden. But fortunately, we can always count on Russian diplomats to entertain us, whether they are rolling in the aisles at 35,000 feet or chiding the US Secretary of State for using the word "overload" rather than "reset" on what was supposed to be the "reset button" for US-Russian relations.

Thank you Sergei Lavrov and staff, in or out of the hospital!


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