Sunday, February 08, 2009

What They Make

The AFL-CIO has a wonderful Executive Pay Watch Database here. You can check out a company and see what their boss makes. For instance, clicking on AT&T brings you the following information:

In 2007, Randall L. Stephenson raked in $21,981,984 in total compensation according to the SEC. According to the AFL-CIO's calculation method*, this CEO raked in $25,031,279 in total 2007 compensation.

But making the site even more fun is the "show me how I compare" button that allows you to compare your salary. Don't forget to include your perks, such as your company car or chauffeur service, your no interest loans, use of company homes and vacation suites, and free tax and financial services. For instance, a teacher making $28,590/year would see that Stephenson's compensation would support 768 teachers. And no worries, it will take only 875 years for that teacher to make what Stephenson made in 2007. Have fun checking out the salaries of CEOs whose companies are being sold, asking for buyouts or going bankrupt. Failure never payed so well.


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