Monday, February 02, 2009

Top slogan from Saturday

As I mentioned previously, there was a wave of "unsanctioned protests" in Moscow and other cities in Russia on Saturday, giving the lie to the official line that everyone speaks with one voice there. Sadly, the marchers were outraged mostly about economic difficulties, possible job losses, higher duties on imported cars--there were two journalists murdered on the Russian equivalent of 5th avenue last week, at midday, under normal conditions, and no one felt obliged to protest that outrage. Priorities are pretty questionable there. In any case, though, demonstrations are demonstrations, and they are creating a lot of interest. The newspaper whose journalists were murdered--Anna Politkovskaia's old newspaper, Novaia Gazeta, or New Times--published this photo, entitled "Top Slogans from Saturday." The sign reads, "Rulers! Deny yourself something!"

I was thinking we could transfer that one here, change the wording slightly and hit Wall Street, chanting, "Masters of the Universe! Deny yourself something!"


Blogger Mr. Natural said...

Mr. President Obama is talking big about denying the masters some of thier golden lucre, but so far no teeth. THAT and some of this guy's appointments are beginning to make me wonder just where his allegiances lie.

11:33 PM  

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