Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bizarro World Republicans

Apparently it's hard being the party out of power. I would have warned the Republicans, but not having actually been a party IN power for as long as I can remember (ok, Clinton, but that was reluctant support for a guy not quite as far to the right as his opponents), I can only try to empathize with Cheney, Rush, Rove & Company as they flail around trying to find their minority voice. As I noted in a post below this, I find it all just so comical. And so I will share - here they are, the comedic stylings of the psycho right:

Cheney asks the government to release classified CIA reports
Rove complains that "senior White House staff meet to digest their latest polling and focus-group research."
Rush attacks President Obama for "killing three Muslim kids"
Fox news complains about the Obama-Chavez handshake with Chavez (and yes, its pundits were silent on the 2002 Bush-Karimov handshake (remember Uzbekistan President Karimov anyone? - let's just say that apparently Fox News doesn't consider his policies repressive or repulsive)

When up is down and down is up, it can only mean one thing. Republicans are desperately seeking a way back to relevancy.


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