Saturday, April 25, 2009

A little question...

I agree with Popessa, there's much better material for comment when you have such a rich assortment of kooks, jingos, militarists and bible-thumpers as we had not so long ago. But here's something I have been puzzled about: I've been hearing a lot out here in the wilds of Eastern Oregon, as well as from teabaggers and assorted other citizens of the alternative universe, about how Obama has moved on from terrorism: he's a socialist, or fascist, or crypto-fascist who is plotting as we speak to send conservatives to FEMA concentration camps, take everyone's guns and install permanent Obama rule. In other words, Obama is going to rule us as a dictator bent on cruelty and dreadfullness where avowed conservatives are concerned.

On the other hand, we've heard these same people telling us that Obama has endangered national security through his soft embrace of Hugo Chavez, and...that Obama has invited apocalyptic attack and disaster by(wait for it)REFUSING TO SANCTION TORTURE.

How in the heck do you have a gun-proscribing, conservative-persecuting, socialist/fascist dictatorship if you WON'T TORTURE PEOPLE?!! The Nazis wrote the book on mass ethnic murder and debilitating medical experiments, while the NKVD wrote the original 20th century torture techniques primer. Just read the first volume of the Gulag Archipelago--it's all there, including the alleged Novocherkassk fingernail extracting machine.

At least MY inquiring mind wants to know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think lots of this comes back to being out of power in a big way for the first time in decades. These people just don't know what to do with themselves. For the first time THEY are the nattering nabobs of negativism and have no idea how to handle it. Then again, logic was never the psycho's right strength to begin with.

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