Thursday, August 20, 2009

Laughter(and ridicule), the best medicine

On the subject of what Popessa calls the "town hall psychos" and their rhetoric, especially the alleged administration "death panels" in the works to "kill off granny," I stole this meditation from James Fallows of the Atlantic. If the psychos REALLY think they're destined for the DEATH PANELS, then why don't we announce immediate availability of same, with the following options:

Firing squad manned by NRA members
Being dressed like a dog and thrown into the locker room of Michael Vick
Being left in the median strip of a major interstate highway

Going hunting with Dick Cheney
Being left on an Alaskan glacier to await Sarah Palin's gunning you down from a helicopter
Being forced to ingest the medications that Rush Limbaugh is on

As Fallows concludes, laughter and Barney Frank-style contempt just might be the cure for this idiocy.


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