Friday, April 07, 2006

It's Good to be King

Back when the CIA agent leak issue was being traced back to the White House a couple of years back, Bush said that he wanted to know who did it and said he'd fire whoever leaked classified information.

So now we know that Bush himself approved the leak. So will he be firing himself?

No, of course not. He took precautions. He waved his hand over the materials and proclaimed them declassifed before he told Cheney / Scooter to leak it.

It's good to be king.


Blogger AKH said...

Didn't they used to behead Kings before we started impeaching Presidents. :)

3:56 AM  
Anonymous buckarooskidoo said...

well, this guy has been saying for years that God wanted him to be President, that God put him in office. What self-respecting recipient of His unique grace would ever accept mortal fetters upon his power? GWB is God's representative on earth, which puts him in league with, among recent GROES, Nicholas II of Russia. maybe that's not company His Majesty would like to keep...

11:18 PM  

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