Saturday, January 20, 2007

But it's a Solid 24%

Latest Newsweek poll shows that only 24% of the citizenry agree with Bush that his latest excuse for an Iraq policy will work. Ok, so probaly most of those in that 24% came from mental homes or the Bush family friends, but hey, that's still 24% of the American population who for some unbelievable reason thinks that Bush's policy has a shot.

The rest of the numbers?

45% “strongly oppose” the plan -- how do those people break down politically?
92% Dems
70% Independents
31% Republicans disapprove (wow! That's a majority of the Republican party who still has their heads up their butts!)

53% of the people doubt the surge proposal will reduce violence in Baghdad
59% think that surge won't buy enough time for sectarian groups to agree on a settlement
67% think it is either “very” or “somewhat” likely to lead to more U.S. casualties in Iraq without getting the U.S. closer to its goals.

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Blogger moville said...

those bush kool-aid drinkers are steadfast, all right, and very selective in their world view. Someone I know was just saying the other day how admirable Cheney is, because he stays the course, never changes his mind and is always civil. On the other hand, Barbara Boxer is a perennial harpy, making rude comments to Secretary of State Rice about her childlessness.

I guess these people have forgotten about their hero telling Senator Leahy to f--- himself--on the floor of the Senate!

8:00 PM  

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