Saturday, February 17, 2007

Historical hysteria

Those Republican representatives were at it again yesterday, playing the "Iraq is World War II" card for about the l0,000th time in recent history. They managed to work Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, the holocaust and maybe even Tojo--I can't remember, exactly--into the debate. These people leave me alternately sputtering and shaking my head, so I am going to leave it to Derrick Z. Jackson, Boston Globe columnist and a much cooler head, to put it all in perspective:

"Top House honors for Best Dramatic Performance for a Deranged Policy went to Sue Myrick of North Carolina. She said, "Iraq is just one battlefield in this multigenerational struggle against radical Islamist jihadists. But it's a very important battlefield. This is the beginning stage of a multigenerational worldwide struggle that will last throughout our lives and likely our children's lives. . . . they will not stop until all lands from India to Morocco and Spain to Russia are governed by radical Islamic law. In 1938 Adolf Hitler told us what he was going to do and we refused to pay attention, and we cannot afford to repeat that historical mistake. . . . We must understand that we are fighting the first battles of a war against radical Islamist ideology that will be waged for the next 50, maybe 100 years."

Is that Armageddon or what?

It has not registered on these folks that we hanged the "Hitler" of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, and last year, according to the United Nations, 34,000 Iraqi civilians still died in civil war. They are oblivious to the growing boomerang effect of their rhetoric. They keep invoking comparisons to World War II, but it does not seem to have dawned on their desk calendars that our nearly four-year invasion and occupation of Iraq has already passed the span from Pearl Harbor to Japanese surrender.
But unlike World War II, which had a global coalition of the willing to answer the global cries of the unwilling, the current "world war" has always been a unilateral US affair based on false pretenses with bit parts played by Great Britain and a handful of nations. The State Department Iraq Weekly Report this week lists "25 Countries With Forces in Iraq" to go along without 138,000. But the total forces amount to 15,371. On the face of it, that is an average of only 615 soldiers per country. But with Great Britain accounting for 7,000 of them, the United States ever more stands isolated.

The dwindling nations of the coalition have connected our disconnect. What is the point of this "world war," especially when non fighting Americans (who starkly include the children of the politicians most railing for the war) are more obsessed with Super Bowl commercials, Oscar nominations, and Anna Nicole Smith than the fate of the planet? What is the point of war in oil-rich Iraq when Chrysler was reportedly talking with General Motors to team up for yet another SUV like the Chevrolet Suburban or Tahoe? It was further reported yesterday that DaimlerChrysler is in talks to sell Chrysler outright to GM."

Exactly right. This is World War II, or maybe III, and everyone is slumped in front of his TV set, contemplating the fate of Anna Nicole's daughter and the 5-mile trip downtown in the Hummer or SUV(?!) What planet are these Republicans in Congress living on, anyway, and why do they so love this invasion/occupation, in which we continue to punish people who did nothing to us? Why?!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We continue to punish them because the administration is in dire need of a way to fulfil their prophacies of doom. So if a vast international Islamic conspiracy against "our way of life" didn't exist before the invasion (those who think al-Queda was vast need to read up more), then maybe it will by the time we've spent a decade mucking around in the middle east without bringing either hope or peace.

If you weren't right before - then make the enemies you need to be right now.

Doesn't that seem like something Rove would come up with?

12:37 PM  

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