Sunday, March 11, 2007

Senator Eagleton's gentle goodbye

Thomas Eagleton had ups and downs in his life, the lowest down being his brief nomination as George McGovern's Vice President before acknowledging a serious bout with depression. The older folks here will remember Candidate McGovern's giving Senator Eagleton his 1000 percent support--prior to dumping him from the ticket. That was a terrible injustice to everyone who has suffered from clinical depression and a low moment in American politics.

Senator Eagleton managed to shake it off and continued a standout career in American politics. He was one of the staunchest proponents of the War Powers act, which restored balance between the executive and legislative branches after our longest undeclared war. After the Senate, he settled easily into the role of wise elder statesmen. He said shortly before his death that the Iraq war was the worst blunder of modern times. He had earned the right to say that, having witnessed the Vietnam fiasco firsthand.

At his funeral service yesterday, the Senator surprised everyone with a letter of farewell, which urged everyone to "go forth in love and peace, be kind to dogs and vote Democratic."

A prince of a guy...Godspeed.


Blogger TomCat said...

He will indeed be missed, Buckaroo. (I generally save time by shortening bloggers' names to initials, but I think I'd better avoid BS, huh? ;-))

4:56 PM  

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