Saturday, June 16, 2007

Justice for Moore and Dee?

It's getting to be a common story now, and so makes only the edges of the news. A former klansman is convicted for an old 60's crime. But today's conviction of James Ford Seale in Mississippi is good to note. Former KKK member Seale was convicted of two counts of kidnapping & one count of conspiracy from his participation in the abduction and murder of Charles Moore and Henry Dee on May 2, 1964. Moore and Dee were picked up by Seale and some other klan nuts. The pair were beaten and stuffed into a truck, driven to Parker's landing and dumped and drowned in a river.

How hard has it been to convict Seale in Mississippi? Apparently impossible in 1964, even though when an FBI agent accused him at the time of the murders Seale responded with "Yes. But I'm not going to admit it; you are going to have to prove it." How did they finally prove it over 40 years later? By making a deal with another one of the murderers, Charles Marcus Edwards. The prosecution admitted that they made a "deal with the devil" to get Edwards' testimony (he got immunity for fingering his old bully buddy).

I revel in Seale's conviction, and I try to not let that joy be diminished by Edwards' escape from justice.

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