Saturday, August 04, 2007

60 Senators Still in the Bush/Cheney Pocket

And a mere 28 who listening to the American people and paying attention to that "piece of paper," the US Constitution. The Senate did as Bush/Cheney asked and passed their plan for overhauling their surveillance laws. The legislation is heading to the House today, where MCs are quivering under Bush's threat to keep them in session into their summer recess if they don't approve his changes. Oh NO! If they don't give in, they don't get a vacation! But Bush doesn't want much, just expanded government authority to "intercept without a court order the phone calls and e-mails of people in the US who are communicating with people overseas." Yes indeed, the Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Act requires a warrant before spying - such a bother, having to include another branch of government such as the judiciary in Bush/Cheney spyfests.

The spineless House Dems gave in on a proposal asking for stricter court oversight of how Bush/Cheney would ensure that under this legislation they'd spy only on foreigners in the US, not Americans. No doubt they agreed with everyone's favorite Senate independent, Joe Leiberman, had this to say about the legislation - "We're at war. The enemy wants to attack us. This is not the time to strive for legislative perfection." Yup, our Constitutional rights are not worth the time or effort to protect according to Joe & company.

Anybody want to place bets on how many House members have the guts to go with the American public instead of Bush/Cheney?


Anonymous Mark said...

You called it. The House just wanted to go home. And are still afraid of Bush? They caved.

11:56 AM  
Blogger TomCat said...

The Senate had already gone home. I think the house feared the possibility of being blamed for a terrorist attack while they were on vacation. Nevertheless, I have the Democrats who crossed the line listed. Fortunately, none were from Oregon.

2:41 PM  

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