Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Other War

Remember Afghanistan? Where the Taliban operated as the de facto government, and from where the 9/11 attack was planned? The country we attacked after that - with full support of the rest of the world. Where bin Laden was hiding. Where we ... quickly lost interest. Dig even deeper into your memory bank - remember when we were winning in Afghanistan? Well our little neo-con adventure in Iraq diverted money, troops and resources away from the battle against our 9/11 attackers into a battle against the guy who was mean to George W's dad. Well played White House. Not everyone can take a potential world-supported attack approaching victory and turn it into an utter mess.

A year ago NATO & US forces announced the success of their campaign to clear out insurgents from strategic southern Afghanistan regions. What a difference a year makes. As David Rohde of the NY Times notes in today's paper, "A year after Canadian and American fofces drove hundreds of Taliban fighters from the area, the Panjwai and Zhare districts southwest of Kandahar, the rebels are back and have adopted new tactics. Carrying out guerrilla attacks after NATO troops partly withdrew in July, they overran isolated police posts and are now operating in areas where they can mount attacks on Kandahar, the south's largest city."

In other cheery Afghani news, the Post notes a recent UN report notes that opium production is up 34% this year alone. The nation apparently grows 93% of the world's opium. Not bad Bushies, not every administration can lose a hot war AND a drug war in the same country.

Canadian press has noted that an increasing deadly threat to their nation's troops are roadside bombs. Of the 29 Canadian military who have died in Afghanistan in the last six months, 25 were killed by IEDs. These IEDs have become increasingly sophisticated and deadly. Gee, I wonder from what quagmire of violence & destruction insurgents could be transferring their new skills into Afghanistan? Could it be ... Iraq? Not only did Bush & Co. detour our troops and resources from the real enemy, but can anyone outside of the admin/neo-con denial tour honestly say that our mess in Iraq hasn't inspired and provided a training ground for a new, deadlier, generation of terrorists?


Blogger TomCat said...

W id the first pResident to lose two wars. The question is, will he go for three?

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