Friday, December 28, 2007

Pakistan Press Conference

I'm watching a press conference out of Pakistan that mentions an intercepted message from Al Qaida offering congratulations on the attack. I don't have much faith in the Pakistan government to tell the truth, and quite honestly don't know what to think about all of this. As much as Musharraf wants opposition out of the way, her death can't be good for his government (certainly not in the short run, and I'd bet not in the long run either). Of course, does that mean that he or members of his military think logically? Probably not. And still we have conflicting information on what killed Bhutto - not the gunshots blamed yesterday. Now the question is was it shrapnel? Or was it the force of the blast throwing her head against the sun roof? Rumors and speculation continue to pour out of Pakistan.

Bhutto's party has already continued on the record that they believe the government is rigging the upcoming elections. The unrest and conflict will continue. Al Qaeda will continue to cling to the influence they have to maintain operations. Musharraf and military leaders will continue to think of themselves first and the country last. Nawaz Sharif doesn't seem poised to be the person Bhutto's party would turn to or work with.

So where does that leave Pakistan? Well, in the view of this admittedly non field expert - it leaves a country in disarray - a country with nuclear weapons.

Nervous yet?


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