Thursday, February 14, 2008

Now That's a Threat!

Bush is a bit peeved that Congress isn't falling in line with his warrantless surveillance program as quickly as he'd like. So he's threatened to STAY IN AMERICA, delaying his trip to Africa unless Congress acts before the program expires over the weekend.

Who wouldn't take that threat seriously? I mean, really, we have a chance to get the idiot out of the country and now we're threatened with him staying here a few more days? Yuck!

Not sure why he's threatening though. The Senate bent over and gave him what he wanted and asked for another. The House will probably do the same, although it is enjoyable watching the Republicans have a hissy fit over the House version. I predict that the bill will pass through just fine. It's not like the House Democrats are objecting to the warrantless part of the legislation, or even the surveillance part. No, they're annoyed that phone companies will get retroactive immunity for their participation.

Sure, it's annoying to think that the companies couldn't be held accountable for their actions, but let's face it, the government doesn't think it should be held accountable, so why fight over this part of the legislation? No, the House will cave and give the White House what it wants. Because that's what this Congress does. Cave in to Mr. 30% popularity at every chance they get.


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