Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What Will November Bring?

We're already hearing the excited chatter from the guys behind the Willy Horton and Swift Boat ad campaigns. They are poised and ready to go, letting lose with whatever it takes to shove a Republican into the White House in November. Some, like Floyd Brown have already started prepping their materials. Obviously these are guys who love what they're doing. If you doubt that, enjoy John Oliver's "Ticket to the Pollies" segment on The Daily Show, (part 1; part 2).

What's fascinating is the ads that have appeared in non-presidential campaigns attacking Obama. Dan Burton in Indiana had an ad claiming he "had what it took" to stand up to Clinton, and would do the same against Obama. Greg Davis running for Congressional seat from Mississippi put out an attack ad against Obama (ok, technically against his opponent, but using Obama to beat him with).

It's going to be interesting.


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