Thursday, September 11, 2008

A thought for today

This courtesy of Dan Payne, an occasional op-ed columnist for the Boston Globe:

"TODAY, on the anniversary of the horror of Sept. 11, 2001, we should recall what happens when an unqualified candidate captures the presidency. An incurious western governor, George W. Bush, arrived in Washington unprepared for the job. And it showed every day of his presidency," especially in the aftermath of the horrendous Iraq war, which plunged us into a hell of death, torture, rendition and wreckage--of our relations with foreign nations and our worldwide "brand." It would be hard to overstate the dimensions of the disaster that George W. Bush has inflicted on us since that terrible day.

I hope that voters will remember this when it comes time to mark ballots for President. As Payne points out, Sarah Palin, who reminds me more and more of Bush 43, is one metastasized melanoma, one heart attack away from the nation's highest office. I don't think we can afford to take a chance on that happening.


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