Friday, September 12, 2008


I've been struck the last couple of days by what the McCain campaign is campaigning ON. In about a 48-hour period, I've heard that Barack Obama is trying to dig up dirt on Palin(the wolves ad), has called Palin a pig(the pig-in-lipstick remark that he made in connection with some policy McCain was trying to say had nothing to do with President Bush), and now has been militantly "disrespectful" to Palin.

If I came from outer space and didn't know any background, I'd be tempted to conclude that the McCain campaign claims it deserves election because the other party's nominee hasn't been nice with the Vice Presidential candidate. The country is bogged down in two wars, plagued with home foreclosures, mired an economic recession, in danger from collapsing financial institutions, and we should vote Republican because Barack Obama isn't being nice with Sarah Palin. W--- . T---. F---(slashes because i don't want to be accused of not being nice, I'm terrified of that)?!

Can candidates be disqualified on the grounds of running on pernicious trivial nonsense? If we can find a category like that in the electoral law somewhere, these two miserable people will be gone in a New York minute. And good riddance!


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