Sunday, October 05, 2008

A brief hiatus from Palintology...

It's time for a look back, and a quiz. Doggone it, you know you need a break from Sarah. You betcha!

Forty years ago today, civil rights campaigners defied a police order and marched towards the city center in (London)derry, northern Ireland. As promised, Royal Ulster Constabulary police met and began to beat them savagely, a little preview of what was to come in the six counties of "Ulster." One of the leaders in that struggle was reminiscing with a British newspaper about her life after that march, which(of course)got her thrown out of school but also got her elected to Parliament...this is one of the better excerpts:

"She was thrown out of university, but elected as a unity candidate for Mid Ulster. She wrote a book. She was carried on the shoulders of Irish Americans on a trip to New York. She was jailed for inciting a riot and served six months in prison. She also started to upset a lot of people who had voted for her. 'I went away to London and knocked about with the socialists and the Gypsies and the feminists. Best education I could have. But people here said, 'Confine yourself to our issues. And please cut your hair and lengthen your skirt. And don't smoke.' I said, 'I think youse were looking for somebody else!''"

Now, WHO is this person? Extra credit if you can give her maiden as well as married name. NO CHEATING!

BTW, she remains an inveterate human rightser, working to improve the lot of migrant workers in northern Sarah would say, "doggone it, she's quite a gal, you betcha!"


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