Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's Getting Freaky Out There

Was just watching a McCain speech, one of the biggest applause lines he got was "I'm not George Bush." Poor George, is there anyone out there anymore besides his family who likes the guy? I have this visual of W as a mosquito buzzing around McCain. Maverick is spinning himself silly trying to knock W off as the pres/mosquito hangs on for dear life.

We've got a veep candidate who gives the term lightweight a bad name goading on her crowds by basically calling her opponent a terrorist. The top half of the ticket calms a woman down at one rally by saying that Obama isn't an Arab (the horror, the horror, and arab!!), and sends off robo calls to voters saying the Obama-Ayers link puts him in league with bombings and killing Americans, or in NC, ratcheting the game up several steps by basically calling Obama a baby killer. What? Surely he also kicks puppies! You remember the last time McCain's name was linked with robo calls - it was when the Bush/Rove machine was smearing McCain in 2000. Well consider that a lesson learned by McCain - Bush won, so that must work, right? If adapting the techniques of your enemy aren't the actions of a maverick, what are?! Many folks who have gotten those calls have complained about them - and who has the maverick apologized to? David Letterman. What are some disgruntled possible voters compared with the ire of a comedian scored?

McCain suggests Obama's fiscal policies are socialist. More socialist than nationalizing Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae and banks? I mean really folks, talk about a line that has gotten seriously fuzzy in the last few months.

The Alfred Smith dinner was a wonderful thing to see. Two guys who disagreed with each other making pleasant jokes at each other's and their own expense. It had elements of what elections could be - polite, but still making a point. It was a nice respite from the mess we're enmeshed in these days. Sadly, it was just a brief break. And now back to the lowest common denominators screaming and wrenching their garments in fear of what they can not understand, finding comfort more in their fears than in facing the world as it is - or as it could, and should, be.


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