Thursday, October 16, 2008

The mask slips(yet again)

Bob Herbert's column the other day spoke of the mask the Republican party likes to wear--an open, honest face of aGod-fearing, down home, salt-of-the-earth, unpretentious individual who likes his taxes low and the government "off his backs(except in cases where it can help him and his enterprises)." But beneath the mask you can find a really ugly mug, that of a xenophobic, nativist, mean, misogynistic racist--not always, but you don't have to look at too many people to find one. Like today, in this flyer distributed by a Republican woman's club in California. This will be the coin of the realm under President Obama--food stamps decorated with racist images. There IS an explanation, of course: the woman responsible for the flyer explains earnestly that she was just reacting to Obama's "outrageous" statement that he doesn't look like all the Presidents on the dollar bill. And she's not a racist, she continues, because she voted for Alan Keyes(!)...

That nice, heartland Republican mask just slipped for a moment again, revealing to the world what a substantial part of the Republican Party is all about. That's what we're running against, and I am going to go offer supplementary daily prayers to the God who determines election for a tsunami-sized, epic, gargantuan, add-your-own-measure-of-hugeness, landslide victory!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well isn't that just lovely, and ever so revealing, as you note. They're a fun bunch those on the psycho right.

6:28 PM  

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