Tuesday, November 04, 2008


The one word message I was just texted by a friend. Wow, indeed. A new day? A new dawn? A new chance for hope and a future we can look forward to with pride and joy? These are just some of the hundreds of thoughts running through my head ever since Jon Stewart announced Obama had won on his Indecision show (why watch CNN when you've got the Daily Show, I always say!). It's an amazing moment in an amazing day. One so many people did not think they would see in their lifetimes. A day we've triumphed over our fears and prejudices to look for what is best for the nation, best for the world, best for us. I'm happy and I'm excited. Above all - I just feel strange. Having been beaten down for so long, is it even possible to find joy in our leadership once again?But also nervous and afraid. There has been so much hate on the other side, I fear for our President-elect's safety. I want to push those fears into the back of my mind so I can scream and cheer like those outside of my window tonight. The pure joy of the moment.

For now - I will settle in to hear from Mr. Obama, words that I know will, as they do, inspire us again.


Blogger LET'S TALK said...

I am listening to C-SPAN, and I hear happiness, fear and anger.

We are allowed to see history in our generation and to see a difference in how people will be challenged and respected as part of this country.

8:38 AM  

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