Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Inaugural Timetable

Saturday - Obamas arrive at Union Station by train
[?] Obama speaks in Phily, then boards train to Wilmington
[?] – Biden gets on the train – which procedes to Baltimore
[?] – Obama & Biden speak at Baltimore – train proceeds to DC
[?] – Train arrives at Union Station Saturday evening

Sunday 2-3:30 Lincoln Memorial -- concert (see info below)
Sunday evening - a few scattered unofficial inaugural balls (unofficial, i.e., Obama not scheduled to attend)

Monday - MLK Day - Day of public service
Evening - Concert at the Verizon Center (Metro Center metro stop). Free and open to the public but tickets are required.

Tuesday - Inaugural Day - the big Kahuna

8:00 AM Capitol Hill - for swearing in & speech. Gates open for ticketed attendees. Get there at 9 and be square (and left struggling to get in). Here is where getting there early starts.

10:00 AM Capitol Hill - Preliminary festivities begin, including music by The United States Marine Band, The San Francisco Boys Chorus, and the San Francisco Girls Chorus.

Noon Capitol Hill - Swearing in

12:10 or so - The Speech. Followed by:
Poem: Elizabeth Alexander
Benediction: The Reverend Dr. Joseph E. Lowery
The National Anthem: The United States Navy Band "Sea Chanters"

1–2 pm Lunch - US Capitol Bldg., and no, we’re not invited. Menu includes Seafood stew, pheasant and duck, molasses sweet potatoes, sour cherry chutney and apple cinnamon sponge cake.

And it's good that you're not invited to the lunch, because you'll need that time to try and get to the parade route. Although honestly, if you're trying to get to the parade route this late, you won't be seeing much.

2:00 PM (approx)
Parade down Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol to the White House. If you have tickets, you need to be in your seats by 1:00 PM.

Evening - the Balls. If you're invited, you've got your info and have fun. If you're not invited, try hanging out around the DC Convention Center, home to most of the balls, and who knows, you might see someone famous :).

Wednesday - 21
Sleep in

DC's Inaugural webpage can be found here.


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This is GREAT! Thanks for putting it all together like this.

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thanks for this...v helpful

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