Saturday, January 17, 2009

What? Nobody's Swimming to the Inaugural?

From the WaPo - an article on some of the interesting ways folks are thinking up to get to the inaugural on Tuesday:
Nathan Nahikian had what he thought was a brilliant plan to get from his Arlington house to downtown Washington to see Barack Obama sworn in as president. . . . He was going to break out the kayak and paddle across the Potomac.

Stephanie Morrisette, a wetlands biologist/professional roller derbyist who is flying in for the inauguration from Northern California, checked out the city maps and secure zone restrictions online and saw nothing about good old-fashioned roller skates. "I'm not worried about getting around people or through people, because I deal with that all the time with the crowd at bouts," she said. Her partner, John Henry Dale, will be riding his skateboard to keep up.
The Coast Guard is shutting down the river, so Nahikian's paddling plan isn't going to work. But I love the creativity.


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