Monday, December 21, 2009

Wishing Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to All

Yes, it's true that neither Bucky nor I are posting much anymore. Combination of blogger burn out and just so much going on in lives on this side of the computer.

But want to wish everyone the best for their holiday season. Take care and be well!


Blogger mharris28 said...


My name is Barbara O’ Brien and my blogging at The Mahablog, Crooks and Liars, AlterNet, and elsewhere on the progressive political and health blogophere has earned me the notoriety of being a panelist at the Yearly Kos Convention and a featured guest blogger at the Take Back America Conference in Washington, DC.

I’m contacting you because I found your site in a prominent political and health site blog search and want to tell you about my newest blogging platform —the public concern of health care and its reform. Our shared concerns include health reform, public health, safe workplaces, and asbestos contamination.

To increase awareness on these important issues, my goal is to get a resource link on your site or even allow me to provide a guest posting. Please contact me back, I hope to hear from you soon. Drop by our site in the meantime—


Barbara O’ Brien

10:20 AM  

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