Saturday, November 19, 2005

Slippery When Lying

Oil execs and their Senate buds know the value of a good photo op. They didn't want to end up like the tobacco execs, Enron and others who stood in a line to pledge to tell the truth, and then had to eat that photo when their lies were uncovered. So when big oil came to testify, they managed to slip out of future bad pics coming around to bite them by not having to stand in a row to testify. No good photo op there.

Too bad, because that pic would have come around to bite them sooner than anyone may have expected. When asked by Sen. Lautenberg if their company or any reps of their company participated in Cheney's secret energy task force of 2001 (remember that fun story?), to a man they said no. Nope. They weren't there, their reps weren't there. Nada.

Only ... oops, turns out that a few of those company reps were in those meetings. Anyone notice if their noses are growing?


Anonymous Mike said...

But even just the photographs of them all lined up at the tables will be good to use. Did they have to swear in at all?

7:30 PM  

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