Monday, June 25, 2007

I Can't Imagine Anyone's Surprised by This

Today's episode of the WaPo's Cheney series focus on the Veep's behind-the-scenes work on loosening US standards on torture (what Geneva Convention?). Is there anyone out there who is not surprised to learn that Darth Cheney had a strong hand in helping to weaken yet more US laws that protect individual rights? Cheney & Co., managed to encourage some very repulsive CIA & military interrogation techniques (i.e., torture) because let's face it, who wants to stand up for the rights of the Taliban and their homicidal monsters. But where were the voices who asked, "if we weaken this law, what protects our guys? What argument do we get to take when fighting for the rights of our captured soldiers?"

One of Cheney's best instruments in working on this project was his general counsel, David S. Addington. You know, by the time Cheney slithers away from the office on 1/20/09, odds are great that Addington will have secured himself a lucrative position here in town. Cheney will win the condemnation of history. Addington will win ... what?


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