Saturday, June 23, 2007

Questions for this week

I'm looking through the news roundups this week, and as usual, there are far more questions than answers. Here's a couple:

Did I really hear General Pace and Secretary Gates tell us that the real picture of what is going on in Iraq comes not from losses of American soldiers, but from "how secure Iraqis feel in their neighborhoods." Did I really hear that correctly? Do we believe they are prepared to say that to the faces of grieving families? Are they that oblivious, or that cold?! Do I really want to know?

How come people can whip themselves into enough of a frenzy to scream "Traitor" at John McCain outside his fund raiser because of his stance on immigration, yet utter nary a peep at the escalating losses and damage during the "surge" in Iraq? This utterly discretionary conflict is killing, bleeding and injuring Americans and Iraqis at a terrifying rate, shredding US credibility and creating more determined and motivated enemies bent on revenge every single day. But the big, REALLY BIG, issue is a bunch of illegal immigrants working for chump change in the shadows. What has happened to perspective, people?

And if we must focus on immigration, how come we can't see our way clear to make it possible for any Iraqi who has helped us, at terrible risk to life and limb, to come to this country immediately and apply for citizenship?

Just thought I'd ask.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would that anyone in this administration even recognized those questions, let alone worked to answer them. The last one has been something I've seen a little more media attention paid to in the past few months. Will it make a difference? Here's hoping.

12:20 PM  

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