Sunday, June 24, 2007

Inside the Heart of Darkness

If it weren't for the heart attacks, I'd saw we have little proof that Darth Cheney has such an organ. But into that dark pit we go as the Washington Post begins a short series on Darth Cheney this morning.

As you'll see from the link, they're pushing the online version hard. It's followed by reader input on the page itself (instead of a link as usual in WaPo world). The series runs through Monday. It includes today's piece, "Working in the Background." Future pieces focus on the war, budget and the environment. Cheney has worked hard to earn the distrust and contempt of not only the American public, but the global community.

The articles, credited to Post reporters Gellman and Becker, seem to have had input from a variety of bodies steamrolled by the Cheney tank. For those on the far right who will call this nothing but sour grapes from Cheney enemies - look at the universe. Aside from you and your best friend Mr. Right Wing Nut Case, EVERYONE is a Cheney enemy anymore. In the article, the reporters note that "Cheney expresses indifference, in public and private, to any verdict but history's, and those close to him say he means it." Interesting, since I am going to bet here and now that the historical verdict will be quite damning.

Look forward to isn't quite the phrase I'm looking for, but I do anticipate some interesting reads over the next few days as the WaPo looks into the belly of the beast.


Anonymous Mark said...

Where was the Post and this article during the first term. If the press had done their job then, we wouldn't be stuck with these idiots now.

4:39 PM  

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