Sunday, September 02, 2007

Republican Party & Small Government

Mary Matalin was on Meet the Press today with hubby & a few other pundits. Mostly chat about the candidates. But she said something that just makes me shake my head when it comes out of Republican mouths these days. She argued that it didn't matter who the Democrats nominated for the Presidency because they would lose - since they are the party of big government.

The fun is while listening to that, I was also reading Trudeau's Doonesbury, with Mark at his radio microphone listing some of the Republican greatest hits since Reagan. That since 1776 the national debt has risen to $9 trillion. Of that, ONE HALF was incurred during the Bush family administrations. And, if you add in Reagan's time in office, the percentage of this debt creation shoots from 50 to 70%.

And why? Because the party of small government seems to forget its motto once it slithers into the White House. Guess when you refuse to raise taxes but continue to increase government size and spending, debt is the way to go. So, on behalf of our children & grandchildren, thanks to the party of "small" government.


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The increase of US indebtedness to foreign nations under the Whitehouse Wastrel has exceeded that of all previous administrations in US history combined. Small government, my ...

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