Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks

Today is the day for taking stock and giving thanks. Some years are harder for that than others. There are the personal things we are thankful for - and I hope for all of you those lists are long and wonderful.

Then there are those things that effect many of us to examine. And it is those things that are harder to find this year. Things seeming to be going better in Iraq is something I'm thankful for - but the flip side of that is why they're going better (the continued division of neighborhoods by religious belief, local government's inability to function) and all those ways the war isn't better (in Iraq or Afghanistan). Other potential good news is the upcoming middle east conference (but it doesn't include a group that should be there; long-term history of these things is almost always poor). Or that the Democrats control Congress (but they have done little to nothing with that control other than feed at the trough in new ways). The list of things to fear is too long and depressing to think about, especially in a post that is about giving thanks.

So what can we find to be thankful for as a nation and world this year? I think we can still find a few.
  • More attention is being paid to climate change, more people seem determined to do what they can to help the planet survive us.
  • The Democratic race for president includes a woman, an African-American and a Latino. In other years, just one of those three would be news. This year, it seems to be an accepted part of life that not only white men can hear Hail to the Chief.
  • Bloggers continue to do a great job of bringing us news that corporate media ignores or downplays.
  • Yesterday's fears of travel backups around the US went mostly unrealized.
Ok, so yes, I seem to be reaching for a couple of those. So help us out - other big-picture items that we & the world can be thankful for today?

'Skins quarterback Jason Campbell & Receiver Antwaan Randle el helping DC Central Kitchen with Thanksgiving turkeys.


Blogger moville said...

On a strictly regional level, as in east of Warsaw, I am thankful for Valery Gergiev and the Kirov opera and orchestra, who continue in the storied Russian tradition of brilliant art and culture. The arts have never been better in Russia than they are now.

I give grudging thanks to Vladimir Putin for not interfering with and ruining the above development.

And I am thankful for the outraged motorists of European Russia, who are collectively saying NO to abusive and corrupt highway police and thereby giving evidence that Russians aren't going to just keep taking it from the "authorities" forever in this rotten regime.

4:24 PM  
Blogger TomCat said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all here.

I am thankful that every day is a day less of the Bush Regime.

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Mark said...

Two-term limits in the Constitution. I don't know how, but if he was running again this year he'd win with his 25-percent approval rating. Why would this year not be rigged like the others?

5:33 PM  

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