Thursday, November 29, 2007

One Last Sean Taylor Post

And then I promise to go back to politics. Just had to vent on some of the media coverage of Taylor's death. Do reports of his attack and death have to also focus on his transgressions? When most people are attacked and killed, do media reports mention that they were arrested, or had this or that run in with the law or someone? Thankfully some of the reports mentioned that only to say that he had grown, matured over the past few years.

But really, when people are stunned by the death of someone considered a part of the family locally (DC residents and their attachment to the 'skins is probably not normal) - does a reporter need to remind us of prior bad acts again and again? Or can he try and do his job by looking for the breaking news on what is happening and how people are reacting.

Stepping of this particular soapbox for the moment. Will soon return this channel to the insanity of politics and the world under Bush.


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