Saturday, January 12, 2008

Musharraf - No Surprise Here

Musharraf has said no to allowing a UN investigation into the Bhutto assassination. In Le Figaro, Musharraf said that Pakistan has its own investigators and abilities and were already being assisted by the British, so no further need was needed, or wanted. He compared the request for an investigation with the investigation into Lebanon's former Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri. "It is not possible. Is another country involved? [in Bhutto's killing]. Pakistan is not Lebanon."

He agreed that the al-Qaeda campaign of suicide attacks were creating disorder and "disheartening the population," but that they did not have "the capacity to destabilize the country" and that elections would be held February 18 "whatever happens." What is going to happen? After all, the leader of the opposition has been eliminated. I'm sure Musharraf wants the elections to happen today so he can boast of his nation's support and love for himself and his policies.

When asked about the option of American troops going after al-Qaeda from Afghanistan into Pakistan, he rejected the notion, saying that there was no question that American soldiers would be allowed to fight in Pakistani territory. "We are a sovereign country. All those who believe that they can do better than the Pakistani army are quite misled."

And finally, my favorite question and response - When asked if democracy was possible in Pakistan, Musharraf responded, "If I answer 'not,' you will accuse me of being a military dictator! . . . Pakistan will arrive at democracy, but it will be at its own rate. . . . I made more advances to democracy in six years than my predecessors had done in 50. I am perhaps a military man, but I am not a dictator."

So remember that when Musharraf has to throw hundreds of people in jail again for speaking their mind or questioning his authority. He is not a dictator.


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Sounds like a Bush DOJ investigation.ggqfsee

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