Thursday, August 23, 2007

Do We Get a Receipt?

As of today, the Bush administration's venture into Iraq has a financial cost of over $454.6 billion. The National Priorities Project offers a counter for the financial cost of the war by state & county. Wondering just how much your county has paid so far for the war? According to the country, my current residence, the District of Columbia, has almost $2 billion invested in this madness. My home state of Oregon, $3.6 billion, and my home county of Umatilla, a mere $66 million. Most of you probably don't know Umatilla county, it's a small, sparsely populated farming & ranching area in Eastern Oregon. And how on earth they've found $66 million to pay for this Iraq war, on top of the other demands, I have NO idea. But according to the NPP, that $66 million from Umatilla County could have provided health insurance for 40,046 children, or hired 1,158 additional public school teachers for the year, or awarded 3,242 students full 4 year scholarships at a public university. Where, one would hope, they would be able to LEARN FROM history, instead of repeating it, ignoring its lessons, or mis-interpreting it for their own bizarre needs, as Buckarooskidoo notes in the post below.


Blogger buckarooskidoo said...

To whom to I address my request to get my money back? I don't approve of this enterprise and don't authorize my money to be so spent.

11:50 AM  

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