Monday, September 03, 2007

Bush Not in Baghdad

Basra, as Buckarooskidoo has pointed out, has shown itself to be a failure of British/US policy in Iraq. Baghdad, as well all know, is a mess. So when Bush decided to make a labor day surprise visit to Iraq, he picked Anbar province. Here, the administration is pushing the Sunni hates al Qaeda as much as we do storyline. After six hours in Iraq, he'll take off to visit Australia, another of the "countries of the willing" still willing to stay in Iraq. Wonder what Bush will be saying to Gen. Patreaus - something about the importance of the upcoming report being a shinning beacon to future victories?

I don't know about the rest of DC, but I'm all for letting Bush stay in Iraq - or, heck, even Australia. Please don't feel any need to rush back to the city anytime soon. We'll be ok, I promise.


Blogger buckarooskidoo said...

This is what is so infuriating about the p.r. blitz leading up to Petraeus's appearance...anbar is a success because the sunni residents there, and they are ALL sunnis in anbar, grew tired of homicidal attacks from foreign fighters. so why not join forces with the occupier? that is a strictly local matter there. you haven't see any of that in mixed areas, that is, the rest of the country, because everyone knows the US backs the Shia-dominated maliki government.
yet, because things are "calmer" in anbar, we're supposed to forget about the coming shia civil war in the south, the continuing ethnic cleansing and bloodshed around baghdad, the utter lack of will to rebuild a united iraq, etc. etc.
it all goes to show you, if you can't explain it in l5 seconds on the national tv news, it'll never get across. and you aren't going to explain in l5 or fewer seconds why no incremental military "progress" will put the country back together again. it's taken multiple decades to achieve this level of dysfunction and fracture.

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