Wednesday, September 05, 2007

When the KKK is On Your Side

Maybe it's time to start examining your cause a bit, don't you think? The latest area to find the Klan making an appearance in support of anti-immigration sentiment is Manassas, Virginia. I love this quote from the local ABC news affiliate, "Several homeowners say they discovered flyers on their driveways. 'I just picked it up, not expecting it to say KKK on it,' said Suzanne Craig, who found the flyer Sunday morning. 'I don't like it because I thought that happened back in the 50s and 60s. So why is this going on?'"

Perhaps Ms. Craig has been out of town on vacation this summer and hasn't noted that her county is in the midst of a battle to limit or eliminate services to illegal immigrants. When you leave trash out in the open, you shouldn't be surprised when vermin show up to swarm all over it. The anger and bitterness of the anti-immigration debate has drawn a natural ally. Those on the anti-immigration side of things might want examine just what message they're actually getting across if the Klan is drawn in to support them.

The vitriol spent on this issue has evidently drawn the KKK's attention. Prince William Co., Va isn't alone. KKK members in Limestone County, Alabama have asked for a permit to stage an anti-immigration rally. Now the ACLU in me supports even ugly speech - so I'm all for letting the Klan march around and spew their venom, safe in the knowledge that wherever they march, there will be larger, louder groups exercising THEIR right to free speech in opposition to the Klan. Households in Owensboro, Kentucky, have found KKK literature on their doorsteps as well.


Blogger moville said...

I've long been impressed by the amount of vitriol directed at Hispanic immigrants in the op-ed seems to go beyond concern for the "rule of law" concerns everyone so assiduously underlines. I really haven't heard similar complaints about the millions of immigrants from Poland, the former Yugoslavia and the former Soviet Union out and about, so you have to conclude that skin color has a lot to do with it. This article confirms it.

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Mark said...

Watch the piggies squeal away trying to deny their racists scum. Like find like.

4:28 PM  

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