Saturday, January 19, 2008

Quelle surprise!

One of this hour's Reuters/Yahoo headlines reads, "Polish town leery of hosting missle defense system." The Bush team has been pressuring the Poles and Czechs to allow them to build interceptor stations, against the wishes of most residents. It apparently hasn't occurred to the Bushies that these citizens of the former Soviet bloc might be less than enthusiastic about becoming instant sitting's pretty clear who would get hit if Vladimir Putin suddenly took offense at some US demarche in central Europe, the Middle East or just about anywhere else.

Will the United States of America have ANY friends or allies ANYWHERE once we get rid of this President?!


Blogger Karlo said...

Why do we always hear about "defense systems" and never "offense systems"? With the US spending more on defense that the rest of the world combined, why do we need so many "defense systems"? If they're really all only for defense, we need to return them for a refund. They shouldn't cost so much. If they're actually "offense system", who is it that we need to offend in the that part of the world?

4:12 PM  

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