Saturday, August 28, 2010

Welcome Beck & Tea Partiers to my Home

Although it seems that many of them won't be actually visiting much of the city today. Thanks to the warning they've received from one of their own about areas of DC to avoid. (Thanks to DC blogger Laura Olin for creating this map based on the Tea Party's warnings.

Teabaggers are warned that Dupont Circle is the gay area (true enough, but hey, wouldn't anyone who's into teabagging actually WANT to visit the gay area?) And be careful when you speak to a cab driver or waiter because they are "immigrants, frequently from east Africa or Arab countries." And you wouldn't want to make any errors in speaking with them because ... well they are different you know. And apparently easily insulted.

The warning that is causing the most giggles among DC residents is "do not use the Green line or the Yellow line" on the metro. So the Pentagon are among the places that will not be visited by teabaggers this weekend, since it is apparently too dangerous to visit the Pentagon by metro. And Eastern Market is out of the safe range, so I guess all those kids who are having breakfast with their parents and shopping or playing are risking their lives!!!!

So my fellow DCers - if you happen upon a tea partier today, please move slowly and keep your voice low. They seem to scare very easily.


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